Thursday, December 20, 2007

Looks like Christmas!

Just a few decorative bits!

small tree means lots of bauble arrangements in the house with the extra ornaments
love my kitchen Santa (thanks grandma!)
Cause even your kitchen needs some holiday cheer!
a wreath on our bedroom door is always a pleasant greeting!

Although the tree is small this year its full of ornaments from my parents house! Some are very special, some are from the year my mom and dad were just engaged, some are my brothers childhood ornaments, and some are from my first married Christmas! Ya, its a super sentimental tree!
Oh, and the train at the bottom I just got from mom and dad's stash this year, it matches all those cute ornaments from when they were engaged!
And the paper-mache reindeer that I have yet to bronze but love anyways! Something about that kraft paper I just love!
And then there is one of my favorite decorations! This mirror my mom bought me at one of the craft shows she works during the holidays, its just so whimsy, and shimmery, and wonderful! Love it!

more decor to come soon!...

making my own fairy woodland!

So I have been doing a little decorating at the house, just going room by room and sprucing it up! The bathroom is the most recent project and I went all hippie-fairy-woodland on it! I have had these curly willow bundles since my wedding last July and I just love them and refuse to part with them! But up until now I hadn't found a real great use for them in the house... so I just threw a pile on a shelf and decided I loved it!

These sconces I got as a gift at one of my bridal showers (thanks Anna!) and they have been empty since then... sad I know! But while letting zip out the other day I realized there is the most beautiful tree on the side of our house that I am assuming is a flowering tree, but for now it just has these beautiful bright leaves and sweet pink buds! So lets see a recap on that is I threw some branches and leaves in some pretty sconces and voila!
My favorite part is that this tree stays green all year! So that means free "arrangements" all year too!
And then there is the shelf with the pile of branches... um... that's pretty self explanatory right? Just dotted it with a few candles and a spritz of scented glitter spray and called it DONE!

Also discovered the rose bushes in our back yard will just keep supplying pretty pretty flowers if I just keep pruning! And they smell so good!

And lastly I finally hung up these necklace holders I made like 2 months ago! So I did a little organizing with the decorating... crazy concept for me!

But now every morning I smile while getting ready in my pretty bathroom! Its finally not just a white box!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Etsy SALE!

As of today all my card sets will be on sale for 25% off at my etsy shop!

Hope you stop by!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

just a few pictures...

took these pics at ellianas birthday last week and they not only work perfect for my narrative photography project but i think they totally capture the crazy-ness of all those sugar-high rambunctious children!
my favorites are the one of elliana blowing out the candle (cheeks totally puffed!) and her in awe (or surprise) of the sparkler!
<--click on the 60A assignments link to the right to see the contact sheets larger
(as soon as i start the prints i will post larger images)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Meet Elliot Erwitt

Meet Elliot Erwitt

Working on a Homage Photography Project and I chose to "pay tribute" to Elliot Erwitt, if you have not heard of the amazing photographer behind some of the most iconic, influential, & just simply touching photography in history then you better check him out! Its amazing how artist inspire people, all kinds of people at different ages, from different backgrounds, at different art walks of their life, just all KINDS of people. Artists.
Here is just a little bit of Elliot...

Does anyone else just wish we (as a whole)(American women) looked as classy, fabulous, & just down right beautiful as we used to in well,...the ...20's, ...30's, ...40's, ...50's,... 60's,... 70's...? Where did all America's glamour go? We went from classic beauty to grungy, trampy, and skeletal? Why did anyone start liking this? As a photographer I'm starting to feel a little ripped off, I cant find women like this just walking down all the streets... you know... just lookin' beautiful and...



I will post my finished project in the next few days.... I hope you guys will check out
to see more AMAZING work!
Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I just love decorating for ALL the holidays!
Halloween,Thanksgiving, & Fall have always been my favorite!
Happy Halloween!
From my home to yours!

Kreative Kate @

I have just recently decided to open a shop with all MY ART! Now its available to anyone anywhere! Please come check it out and spread the word!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

SwEeT sWeEt SuPrIsEs!

A few surprises from this week...

First of all a new addition to the family!
Meet Zip (short for Zip-Zap after the little Zip-Zap cars my brother Brett used to play with)

He's a 10 week old "blue" Min-Pin & We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him already!

Second wonderful surprise was some new studio space!
I had crashed out at about 11 O'clock and Quincy came to bed at 3 AM! When I asked what he had been doing he just nodded to the "office", when I mosied out to the office I just about cried! Quincy had totally organized, rebuilt and, redecorated our office space! It was so cute and thoughtful, I absolutely loved it! Here are just a few of my favorite bits...

He created a dedicated painting station,

He hung some of my art that has been seriously neglected...
... I think its been from the storage to the garage to the corner of the room...

same with this one

He did some creative/decorative stacking,

He hung all my clip boards...seems so simple...why didn't I do that?

He set up a spot for the DVD player since I love watching (more like listening) to movies while I'm working and creating

He did a bit or canvas organization and storage!

He added a few gerber of my favorites!

He added my name... like an official title for my studio!

I just loved the sentiment, he KNEW if my space was happy then I'd be happy and that was important enough to him to stay up till 3 AM to surprise me with a FAB new space.

I love him.

Third surprise...
my very own herb garden in my kitchen! We now have Basil, Oregano, Thyme, and Rosemary! I've now learned nothing inspires a kitchen like the smell of fresh herbs. Friday it just happened to inspire some delish brushetta!

A Happy WeekEND!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Body Art For the BOYS

A few pics of me and dad finally getting our tatoos done....

Dan was the artist and Dad & I just canvas' (with imput!)

Yes Im holding my dads hand, you know why?....
cuz it hurt like hell! I wouldnt have been able to do it if he wasnt there, he let me crush his hand for 45 min. and he wiped my tears when I cried thinking of why we were getting them and how I never thought we would be doing anything like this for this reason. I wasnt suprised, hes always been there, right by my side, just super thankful. I know I DO have the bestest Dad ever!
How many 21 yr olds can say... "ya, me and my Dad got tattoos this weekend..."

cringing... I did feel kinda wussy untill Dan told me getting a tatoo on your foot is the equivilent of getting a tattoo anywhere in your crotch!