Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jenna & Baby

This is my amazing pregnant sister-in-law Jenna Van Vleck! ...and her growing family! Her husband Justin and their daughter Elliana, and the very soon to be appearing baby brudder. Being an aspiring photographer you have to find the most patient and willing models possible and Jenna and her family went above and beyond. At one point I asked Justin to pull off the side of an old hwy in Chico and then sent him and Jenna into a mound of starthistle! But the pictures turned out amazing and everyone is happy all the way around. There is nothing that glows quite as bright and beautiful as a mother expecting! Jenna was radiating excitement, love, and pride of her beautiful belly carrying her son.


Jenna said...

you really did an amazing job kate. these are so beautiful and i'm so lucky to have such a talented sister!!

Jenna said...

you've been tagged. check out my blog and post the survey on your blog. :)