Monday, June 25, 2007

See Tuscany!

Winning a trip to Italy was truly unbelievable!... and then we got to ITALY! I didn't know such a perfect place DID exist. We loved everything... the atmosphere, the people, the seaside and the land, the food, the wine, the long relaxed meals, the conversations, the character filled picturesque buildings, the history, the art, the list could go on forever. One story I loved the most was the life of the olive tree... the olive trees in Italy are hundreds of years old and still they produce the most beautiful and cherished fruit, but the olive tree could not produce such perfect fruit if it did not suffer. If you look at an olive tree they are filled with big curling knots, splits, and cracks. They are smoked to stress the tree, and they are never watered by humans, the Italians that shared the most delicious extra virgin olive oil with us say:
"only a tree that suffers and survives the hard season will produce great fruit..."
If I didn't learn anything else while in Italy that would be fine, staying at the top of a beautiful olive grove for a week letting this truthful core lesson sink in was just what I needed!

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