Saturday, June 30, 2007

Teaching Maxwell

Today Quincy and I watched my cousin Maxwell, he is six years old going into the 1st grade. While he was at the house he was supposed to work on reading and math (to make sure he is ready for the 1st grade...) I was thinking back to the first grade... you know basic things like spell cat, dog, the golden rule, etc. and then Max whips out the polar express for reading and subtraction for math! So crazy, kids are just going to be so dang smart! Well my favorite part of the whole thing was actually watching my husband help. It just melted me to hear him sound out words and encourage Max when he was getting flustered. He even taught him basic multiplication! Amazing! I sat in awe of my husband and his tenderness and patients with my little cousin, I realised I am so blessed and even better our kids are going to be so blessed to have a dad like Quincy. I cant wait to watch Quincy be a dad, I cant wait to watch him hold our first baby, or take our kids to their first day of school, or teach them all the things he is so great at! Oh how far away those days are..... thank God we have four nieces and a nephew on the way!

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Morgan said...

Hi Kate! This is Morgan (Jenna's friend). Your pictures are absolutely amazing! Will you be in Chico anytime soon? Do you do family pics? :)