Sunday, July 22, 2007

For the: "when we were your age..."

I just had to take this picture!
I started to think of all the times my mom has referred to the year of the beans (in which our family ate the cheapest thing a Mexican knows how to make: BEANS! for about a year!)
I thought about how many times I have questioned how Quincy and I are going to make it, what we are going to do, how we will do it and on and on.... then I looked out my front window and saw our laundry.
yep. our laundry.
Shirts, pants, socks, bras, boxers, towels, sheets,chonies, and everything else we ever run through that washing machine! It IS the first thing people see when they come to our house and I have learned not to care, and then I realized we ARE making it! and we are doing whatever we have to... including hanging our laundry in our "front yard" because we don't have a dryer and we aren't going to buy one!
Add in how we ate Top-Ramen for almost 2 months when Quincy fell off the scaffolding at work and how we drove the ugliest Miata without air-conditioning to Chico (possibly the hottest place I have ever been in June!) to try and find the cheapest living when knew of...
...and I have my own "year of the beans" story!
So when my kids are students living off Top-Ramen, or newlyweds, or broke twenty-somethings I will pull out this picture and let them know we were there too and somehow we made it (we will!) and I hope it gives them the same sort of comfort the story of the "year of the beans" always gave me!
Its almost been a year since Quincy and I got married and its been a year of collecting stories and memories I know I will look back on and say:
"Honey if we made it through...that...we can make it through anything!"

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