Friday, August 31, 2007

to light the FIRE!

It seems there have been a lot of mornings where I wake up and sluggishly begin my daily routine...the same ol' routine over, and over, and so on...
...that just has to stop, I am a capable, healthy, intelligent human being and I should be making the most of this INCREDIBLE chapter of my young life...
I thought a little inspiration art in our bedroom was necessary, actually our house is such an "undecorated" & "uninspiring" space at this point, boooooooooring! I cant even hide under the "we just moved in..." anymore, so I made a little something!
Actually its almost as big (or small) as me!
It will be opposite our bed so hopefully it will be the first thing I see,
and jump start my day!
1 Blank canvas +

aquamarine paint


+ Heidi Swapp foam stamps....

= some FAB daily inspiration

... just one simple question makes you want to take on the world right?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

sneek-ity peek-ity!...

Having so much fun with these pictures I just had to give a little peek!

I took these photos this weekend in Chico for my SIL friends Dana and Broodie

fun, fun, fun couple! So easy to work with and such a beautiful tummy!

more to come soon!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Introducing Zoey Murphy!

Meet baby Zoey Murphy!

My cousin Nicole and her Husband Geoff had just brought this bundle of joy home

and mom and I got a chance to hold

and photograph this beautiful new life!

congrats Murphy's!

More Zoey Pics Here!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bachelorette Party Scraped!

Nothing like pulling yourself out of a creative slump like finishing an album! Ok it was just a mini-themed but still! Completed feels so good! Its been a little over a year since this whole shindig went down and it was so much fun (thank you Jenna & Alyssa!) and I laughed and smiled all weekend while going back to these fun memories. So here are a few...
I recycled an old album by covering the front with love elsie adhesive canvas paper, love it!

the blank spot is for my list of missions...

Spirit West Coast 2007!

So lets see, since the last time I posted...

Spirit West Coast was a blast! The kids had a great time and Quincy and I really enjoyed some time away. The bands were jammin', and the speakers were moving, and the weather was perfect!

The drive down was just a "bit" cramped...

but we made it fun, & I think we all know every word to the "cyclone" song!

Day one highlights:

Driving to Monterey packed like sardines. Getting domino's pizza in the little Mexico of Monterey. Eating domino's in the parking lot on the back of my trunk. Trying to figure out how we are going to sleep since our tent is on a hill. Sleeping in a pile at the bottom of the tent because our tent is on a hill.

Day two highlights:
See Red perform. Get Red autographs.

Do the funkiest ho-down ever with my cousin Calvin while David Crowder is rockin the banjo. Worship with David Crowder Band.

Quincy, Victoria, Courtney see Hawk Nelson parachute down to their stage (such an awesome rock star entrance!). See Hawk Nelson perform.

Calvin and I get the most awesome spot for Newsboys. Calvin and I trying to hold on to our territory. See Newsboys perform. Sing, worship, dance, get showered by Captain Crunch, enjoy the show!

Day three highlights:
Quincy and Calvin check out: Ever Stays Red, Fireflight, Falling Up, The Dizzmas. Girls recharge back in town with Starbucks caffeine and SUGAR! Watch Calvin get free hugs. Eat funnel cakes.

Watch Thousand Foot Krutch. Calvin and Quincy do some hardcore moshing (they allowed it this year, so they had security make a huge circle and everyone just jumped in, Calv lost a shoe at one point but he said it was so AWESOME!).

Showing off their "rock fist"

Victoria TRIES moshing with the boys to Seventh Day Slumber, but then comes to watch the rest of the show with Court and I.

See the Bob Smiley show. Quincy and Calvin create the snaggle tooth dog.

Day four highlights:
Make our own CYCLONE video. Go to the Monterey fisherman's wharf.

Eat some delish sea food. Hang out at the beach. Calvin braves the freezin water because "... if I don't I know I will regret it as soon as we leave!..." Watch Calvin and Quincy bury each other, and make a new friend.

See TobyMac perform.

Danced. Drank lots of lemonade, yards actually.Watch Switchfoot perform.

Watch Mr. rock star-lead singer smash a guitar on stage! (so awesome!)

Quincy and Courtney snuggle under the most girly blanket ever to try and stay warm. Courtney and I do "aerobics" to stay warm.

Day five...

drive home :-(