Friday, August 10, 2007

The COUSINS are comming to town!

Quincy and I took my cousins and our friend Courtney to an event called Spirit West Coast, its a christian music festival with tons of concerts, speakers, vendors, and more.
We thought it would be a great thing to do with the kids to give them a little breather before the new school year started and to get them "refueled".
So we brought the kids to our new house a day early to show them around our new digs and we had a blast!

We took them on the bike trails we ride which follows the river and leads to some awesome rope swings! Lets just say we will be their favorite cousins for a while!

They had SO MUCH FUN!

& whats not fun about swinging your body off a cliff and dropping 30 + feet into the American river? There were so many smiles and giggles, and so much adventure my heart felt very smiley!

Calvin swinging like Tarzan!

I dont think he has any fear!

Neither does his sister!

1...2...3... JUMP!

Courtney flying!

More rope swing action here:

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