Friday, August 31, 2007

to light the FIRE!

It seems there have been a lot of mornings where I wake up and sluggishly begin my daily routine...the same ol' routine over, and over, and so on...
...that just has to stop, I am a capable, healthy, intelligent human being and I should be making the most of this INCREDIBLE chapter of my young life...
I thought a little inspiration art in our bedroom was necessary, actually our house is such an "undecorated" & "uninspiring" space at this point, boooooooooring! I cant even hide under the "we just moved in..." anymore, so I made a little something!
Actually its almost as big (or small) as me!
It will be opposite our bed so hopefully it will be the first thing I see,
and jump start my day!
1 Blank canvas +

aquamarine paint


+ Heidi Swapp foam stamps....

= some FAB daily inspiration

... just one simple question makes you want to take on the world right?


Jesse said...

rob a bank for 10 mill or so?

Anonymous said...

Katie, God gave you both a mind and a heart. I know that you will use both. mom