Friday, August 10, 2007

Tucker Justin & Family!

This baby & family could not have been more amazing!
Jenna and I had so many ideas for these pictures and many of them included
smunching up this beautiful baby, baby in a basket, baby on a rug, naked baby,
still baby feet, still sister and daddy feet, and the list goes on and on...
... and these pictures were so easy to take!
This precious little baby didnt make a peep! We rolled him from side to side, layed him down, held him up, repositioned and repostioned and repositioned....
... and not a peep!
love it!
And the rest of the family was amazing too
Jenna reminded me that we are truly blessed to have such patient and willing husbands!
Amen to that!
as scrappers, crafters, photographers, etc. we do ask alot from our families!
And they always do it all with a smile!
I had a wonderful time capturing this beautiful family at the begining of a new chapter!
For more Tucker & Family pics click:

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Jenna said...

i LOVE the pictures kate! i can't wait to get them and do tucker's birth announcement. thank you so much for taking such great shots. i wish you had taken pics of elliana when she was just born too! they really turned out great!