Sunday, September 30, 2007

SwEeT sWeEt SuPrIsEs!

A few surprises from this week...

First of all a new addition to the family!
Meet Zip (short for Zip-Zap after the little Zip-Zap cars my brother Brett used to play with)

He's a 10 week old "blue" Min-Pin & We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him already!

Second wonderful surprise was some new studio space!
I had crashed out at about 11 O'clock and Quincy came to bed at 3 AM! When I asked what he had been doing he just nodded to the "office", when I mosied out to the office I just about cried! Quincy had totally organized, rebuilt and, redecorated our office space! It was so cute and thoughtful, I absolutely loved it! Here are just a few of my favorite bits...

He created a dedicated painting station,

He hung some of my art that has been seriously neglected...
... I think its been from the storage to the garage to the corner of the room...

same with this one

He did some creative/decorative stacking,

He hung all my clip boards...seems so simple...why didn't I do that?

He set up a spot for the DVD player since I love watching (more like listening) to movies while I'm working and creating

He did a bit or canvas organization and storage!

He added a few gerber of my favorites!

He added my name... like an official title for my studio!

I just loved the sentiment, he KNEW if my space was happy then I'd be happy and that was important enough to him to stay up till 3 AM to surprise me with a FAB new space.

I love him.

Third surprise...
my very own herb garden in my kitchen! We now have Basil, Oregano, Thyme, and Rosemary! I've now learned nothing inspires a kitchen like the smell of fresh herbs. Friday it just happened to inspire some delish brushetta!

A Happy WeekEND!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Body Art For the BOYS

A few pics of me and dad finally getting our tatoos done....

Dan was the artist and Dad & I just canvas' (with imput!)

Yes Im holding my dads hand, you know why?....
cuz it hurt like hell! I wouldnt have been able to do it if he wasnt there, he let me crush his hand for 45 min. and he wiped my tears when I cried thinking of why we were getting them and how I never thought we would be doing anything like this for this reason. I wasnt suprised, hes always been there, right by my side, just super thankful. I know I DO have the bestest Dad ever!
How many 21 yr olds can say... "ya, me and my Dad got tattoos this weekend..."

cringing... I did feel kinda wussy untill Dan told me getting a tatoo on your foot is the equivilent of getting a tattoo anywhere in your crotch!