Thursday, November 08, 2007

Meet Elliot Erwitt

Meet Elliot Erwitt

Working on a Homage Photography Project and I chose to "pay tribute" to Elliot Erwitt, if you have not heard of the amazing photographer behind some of the most iconic, influential, & just simply touching photography in history then you better check him out! Its amazing how artist inspire people, all kinds of people at different ages, from different backgrounds, at different art walks of their life, just all KINDS of people. Artists.
Here is just a little bit of Elliot...

Does anyone else just wish we (as a whole)(American women) looked as classy, fabulous, & just down right beautiful as we used to in well,...the ...20's, ...30's, ...40's, ...50's,... 60's,... 70's...? Where did all America's glamour go? We went from classic beauty to grungy, trampy, and skeletal? Why did anyone start liking this? As a photographer I'm starting to feel a little ripped off, I cant find women like this just walking down all the streets... you know... just lookin' beautiful and...



I will post my finished project in the next few days.... I hope you guys will check out
to see more AMAZING work!
Happy Wednesday

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Jenna said...

i think it all ended somewhere around the invention of sweat pants, and the scrunchy. "kate's bringing curvy back!" i hear ya. real women! not waifs, not saline filled, or airbrushed, or spray tanned. real women whose jeans fit crappy because they have "mother hips", real women who have real boobs, real women who are not size 0. seriously, who the heck started size 0? will we go negative soon? oh don't get me started kate. this calls for its own post. and....when do you have TIME to make all those darn cute christmas cards my dear? love them. ;)