Thursday, December 20, 2007

Looks like Christmas!

Just a few decorative bits!

small tree means lots of bauble arrangements in the house with the extra ornaments
love my kitchen Santa (thanks grandma!)
Cause even your kitchen needs some holiday cheer!
a wreath on our bedroom door is always a pleasant greeting!

Although the tree is small this year its full of ornaments from my parents house! Some are very special, some are from the year my mom and dad were just engaged, some are my brothers childhood ornaments, and some are from my first married Christmas! Ya, its a super sentimental tree!
Oh, and the train at the bottom I just got from mom and dad's stash this year, it matches all those cute ornaments from when they were engaged!
And the paper-mache reindeer that I have yet to bronze but love anyways! Something about that kraft paper I just love!
And then there is one of my favorite decorations! This mirror my mom bought me at one of the craft shows she works during the holidays, its just so whimsy, and shimmery, and wonderful! Love it!

more decor to come soon!...


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting in my office with a big smile on my face. I've done just the same all around the house. I'm happy to see that you take time to put "home" into your house. I loved seeing the things that once were in our home now in yours. I hope they always remind you of a home filled with love. Mom

Jenna said...

very cute and christmassy! i love pulling out our ornaments too. at one time i wanted them all to match some sort of theme, but i like the ones with memories attached to them the best. :)