Thursday, December 20, 2007

making my own fairy woodland!

So I have been doing a little decorating at the house, just going room by room and sprucing it up! The bathroom is the most recent project and I went all hippie-fairy-woodland on it! I have had these curly willow bundles since my wedding last July and I just love them and refuse to part with them! But up until now I hadn't found a real great use for them in the house... so I just threw a pile on a shelf and decided I loved it!

These sconces I got as a gift at one of my bridal showers (thanks Anna!) and they have been empty since then... sad I know! But while letting zip out the other day I realized there is the most beautiful tree on the side of our house that I am assuming is a flowering tree, but for now it just has these beautiful bright leaves and sweet pink buds! So lets see a recap on that is I threw some branches and leaves in some pretty sconces and voila!
My favorite part is that this tree stays green all year! So that means free "arrangements" all year too!
And then there is the shelf with the pile of branches... um... that's pretty self explanatory right? Just dotted it with a few candles and a spritz of scented glitter spray and called it DONE!

Also discovered the rose bushes in our back yard will just keep supplying pretty pretty flowers if I just keep pruning! And they smell so good!

And lastly I finally hung up these necklace holders I made like 2 months ago! So I did a little organizing with the decorating... crazy concept for me!

But now every morning I smile while getting ready in my pretty bathroom! Its finally not just a white box!

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Jenna said...

i LOVE your necklace holder. i may have to steal that idea. i have two hooks for all of my necklaces and it works, but yours look better. the curly willow looks great in your house too. i'm still holdin on to mine. waiting for the perfect place/arrangement for it. ;)