Wednesday, February 13, 2008

love Mom

My parents came to visit this weekend and it was so nice! We had dinner and watched a movie and did lots of chatting. While they were here my dad brought me my great great grandfather's gun cabinet which we are sooo excited about! And my mom brought our valentines gifts!
My mom has given us gifts for all the "small holidays" for as long as I can remember, as kids we would wake up and find the kitchen table covered in a whole holiday spread with gifts, and candies, and cards, and whatnots and it was always so sweet and made us feel so special!
And even now at 21 and in a different city my mom still manages to make me feel all super special on these little holidays! Thanks mom!
She got Quincy a box of chocolates and me a new journal which i love, love, LOVE! Oh, and a really sweet card!


Jenna said...

dontcha just love moms! :)

Anonymous said...

My parents didn't have "extra" money, but on Valentines Day our Mom brought home a pink box. This pink box usually had a treat from the bakery. It's a fond childhood memory. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love, Mom