Friday, February 15, 2008


I found this note today and it took my breath away, I just stood there crying and then laughing at how funny the drawing is!

(brett with the really big fish and dad and ryan crying because they only got little fish)

I was thinking about all those little things you miss when you loose someone and how amazing it is that


you find these little treasures, hidden, just little pieces of really great memories.


you just get so lucky


there are people, angels, just things that know what your soul needs to be ok today.


you find something so beautiful it takes your breath away.


Anonymous said...

I love your note, it also brought tears to my eyes. The fun thing is that Brett believed he was the "Big Fish"! He had a big spirit for the baby of the family.

I was cleaning out a file, and found a note that Brett wrote. It was when I had meningitis. It reads "Mom, I hope you feel better. Love, Brett Newman." I have it on my night stand, so in the morning it reminds me that he would want me to feel good. I'm thankful for that reminder.

I love you Kate and I know that the "BIG fish" and "little fish" love you too! Mom

Jenna said...

that is so sweet and so amazing and it was just for you. :)