Sunday, March 30, 2008

drum roll please...

... and America's next top model is...
yep, that's right, i somehow managed to get my dad to play model in a real studio shoot!
It was amazing!
working with "real"-non-jeri-rigged-lamps-with-no-shades-in-your-kitchen-lights,
and real background, and real everything was so NICE!
and if you have never taken portraits of your parents
do it!
you don't have to wait until a big milestone birthday or anniversary,
if you can just capture the way you see your parents in your eyes
it will make you feel so good!
I wasn't thinking it when i took the pictures but as i was going back through them at home i realized i am soooo thankful for this opportunity,
these pictures mean soo much to me and i don't know if i hadn't got this assignment if i would have ever made it happen.
but I'm so glad it did,
so here are a few of my favorites, no retouching or creative juice on them yet just simple crop and b&w (we will be doing all the extras and retouching in class the next couple of weeks so i will be posting them again as they start evolving)
so now ladies and gents,
my dad...
Glenn Douglas Newman
March 2008

p.s. we've already voted and he has officially put Garth Brooks to shame!
Thanks again Dad!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just Cant Decide

I have been working on some pictures from a recent trip to Chico to see my lovely Jenna, and I am feeling so indecisive! For instance...
I have these to photos that I love for two different reasons...
... and that would be fine and all but I am seriously trying to cut down on the number of photos I'm saving (after recently organizing all my digi photo can we say 1000s!) but this is harder than I thought...
What is one to do with 2 sweet photos of a cute kid?!
and this is only the 2 color options, there is B & W, Sepia, Antiqued....
maybe I will just have to save them both
p.s. Justin if you're reading this... I would like to push the envelope and just say that your daughter may just be meant to be a tatoo artist!... she looks just Oh so lovely and natural there!

Monday, March 24, 2008

love this help

been getting help from a few special things...

first is its amazing! i do all my meal planning, recipe searching and shopping list here... and the best part... its FREE! check it out here

Second is here at, its the 2008 challenge, keeping me on track and i dont have to buy any sessions with a personal trainer.
two fantastic sites making my life a lot easier!

Friday, March 07, 2008

whats better than being called professional by your photo proffesor?....

um... nothing! whoo hooo! oh ya! i love it!

when you are feeling real crappy about how crazy it seems that you only have a tiny bit of all the college you will need under your belt and intimidated by your peers and their big cameras and telephoto lenses and shmancy equip. and then your prof. looks at your assignment and says ...

"this is the kind of stuff you want in your commercial portfolio because this is always the graphic look your clients will choose..." and then goes to say "she looks pretty professional to me..."


and it feels even better when your husband sees your work and mistakes it for a Martha web page, but then realizes it has your name on it and says

"oh, well looks like I wont need to work for the rest of my life.. "(ha,ha funny right?)

I think I was just so excited that I really thought the comment was cute!

ok wow enough tootin' my own horn! Here is the assignment... oh, and the flowers are pretty generic but apparently "thats good for commercial portfolio?!"


ps they are so much more clear at full size... just click!

Oh, ya remember this...?

I guess it worked after all!
Happy Friday!

Monday, March 03, 2008

a good weekend

it was a good weekend here in Folsom, sunshine shining and all the blossom trees blooming...
which I love about living here! I never really had flowering trees at home so this has been a very pleasant perk for Folsom!
I made a bunch of arrangements for the house which really made it feel like spring

some small

some big

all with lots of curly willow from our wedding

(ya, we do have a never ending supply)

I also did a bit of sewing, zip decided he wanted to help, which really cracked me up!

I found this piece of fabric at Joann's, it was a pre cut piece and apparently they don't sell it by the yard, just the piece, which is lame not to mention really expensive! I wanted to make a bag out of this print as soon as I saw it, I really should not have added another project to the huge list of them that have taken over my "studio space" but... I knocked out this project faster that I thought I could. Maybe we have projects as artist that we are supposed to complete but only in the right time, its kinda like there is a particular time that your art skills will work the best for a certain project, and when you put the right project in with the right groove time...

you get a really a very rewarding & successful piece of work! Simple right?

I think my second favorite part (next after the bright print) is the specifically sized pockets, one for the cell phone, one for my sunglasses, one for keys, etc... I love it
and I love that it matches the sunshine that I'm seeing everywhere!
it was a good weekend.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


This week I stopped and realized that although I'm "moved out & married", at the end of the day I'm a student
and if you re a student...
... then you re a student.
And sometimes that looks a bit like this...

very very messy desks

top ramen and coffee at 1 am

jeri-rigged studio lighting

converting ANY room in your house into a "studio" and completely trashing it.

at first I really fought the "student-lifestyle-standards", you know... the "messy but I don't have the time or energy to cook or clean type standards" but this week I have been converted, not by choice really but there were literally not enough hours in my day to do "unnecessary" (wow, never thought Id say that) cooking & cleaning.

and at the end of the day I'm OK with that.

I'm a student.