Sunday, March 30, 2008

drum roll please...

... and America's next top model is...
yep, that's right, i somehow managed to get my dad to play model in a real studio shoot!
It was amazing!
working with "real"-non-jeri-rigged-lamps-with-no-shades-in-your-kitchen-lights,
and real background, and real everything was so NICE!
and if you have never taken portraits of your parents
do it!
you don't have to wait until a big milestone birthday or anniversary,
if you can just capture the way you see your parents in your eyes
it will make you feel so good!
I wasn't thinking it when i took the pictures but as i was going back through them at home i realized i am soooo thankful for this opportunity,
these pictures mean soo much to me and i don't know if i hadn't got this assignment if i would have ever made it happen.
but I'm so glad it did,
so here are a few of my favorites, no retouching or creative juice on them yet just simple crop and b&w (we will be doing all the extras and retouching in class the next couple of weeks so i will be posting them again as they start evolving)
so now ladies and gents,
my dad...
Glenn Douglas Newman
March 2008

p.s. we've already voted and he has officially put Garth Brooks to shame!
Thanks again Dad!


Jenna said...

what a great idea. my mom is turning...a big number, and dad is already a big number. those are great pics of your dad. did you take them at their house?

Anonymous said...

Kate, the pictures are great. I know that Dad thought spending the day with you was special too! Mom