Monday, March 03, 2008

a good weekend

it was a good weekend here in Folsom, sunshine shining and all the blossom trees blooming...
which I love about living here! I never really had flowering trees at home so this has been a very pleasant perk for Folsom!
I made a bunch of arrangements for the house which really made it feel like spring

some small

some big

all with lots of curly willow from our wedding

(ya, we do have a never ending supply)

I also did a bit of sewing, zip decided he wanted to help, which really cracked me up!

I found this piece of fabric at Joann's, it was a pre cut piece and apparently they don't sell it by the yard, just the piece, which is lame not to mention really expensive! I wanted to make a bag out of this print as soon as I saw it, I really should not have added another project to the huge list of them that have taken over my "studio space" but... I knocked out this project faster that I thought I could. Maybe we have projects as artist that we are supposed to complete but only in the right time, its kinda like there is a particular time that your art skills will work the best for a certain project, and when you put the right project in with the right groove time...

you get a really a very rewarding & successful piece of work! Simple right?

I think my second favorite part (next after the bright print) is the specifically sized pockets, one for the cell phone, one for my sunglasses, one for keys, etc... I love it
and I love that it matches the sunshine that I'm seeing everywhere!
it was a good weekend.


Jenna said...

nothing says a good weekend like a lovely little handmade purse! and super cute fabric! isn't nice to be in that groove? i wish we could live there. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cute bag Kate! Love, Mom