Sunday, March 02, 2008


This week I stopped and realized that although I'm "moved out & married", at the end of the day I'm a student
and if you re a student...
... then you re a student.
And sometimes that looks a bit like this...

very very messy desks

top ramen and coffee at 1 am

jeri-rigged studio lighting

converting ANY room in your house into a "studio" and completely trashing it.

at first I really fought the "student-lifestyle-standards", you know... the "messy but I don't have the time or energy to cook or clean type standards" but this week I have been converted, not by choice really but there were literally not enough hours in my day to do "unnecessary" (wow, never thought Id say that) cooking & cleaning.

and at the end of the day I'm OK with that.

I'm a student.

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Jenna said...

here's a fun look into the future....the time you spend studying, reading, paper writing, and note taking will not go will be filled with diaper changing, feeding, laundry, dishes, "play with me!", "waaaaaaahhhhh", "i have to go potty mommy!", "look mommy, brother's crawling!", use a talking voice please, more diaper changing, more feeding, more dishes and laundry. but at the end of the day, you will be a mommy. and the rewards are far greater than the title of being a student. you will look at your day and see little to no "progress" but your heart will be bigger and fuller. and it will all be worth it. you will be glad you were a student. this is an important and necessary time. and you should totally take pictures of your jeri-rigged studio lighting sessions. remember when we tore apart your living room for tucker's "warm-up" session last summer? that was sweet. you are a true artist kate. there is creativity among chaos. (at least that's what i tell myself! :)