Friday, March 07, 2008

whats better than being called professional by your photo proffesor?....

um... nothing! whoo hooo! oh ya! i love it!

when you are feeling real crappy about how crazy it seems that you only have a tiny bit of all the college you will need under your belt and intimidated by your peers and their big cameras and telephoto lenses and shmancy equip. and then your prof. looks at your assignment and says ...

"this is the kind of stuff you want in your commercial portfolio because this is always the graphic look your clients will choose..." and then goes to say "she looks pretty professional to me..."


and it feels even better when your husband sees your work and mistakes it for a Martha web page, but then realizes it has your name on it and says

"oh, well looks like I wont need to work for the rest of my life.. "(ha,ha funny right?)

I think I was just so excited that I really thought the comment was cute!

ok wow enough tootin' my own horn! Here is the assignment... oh, and the flowers are pretty generic but apparently "thats good for commercial portfolio?!"


ps they are so much more clear at full size... just click!

Oh, ya remember this...?

I guess it worked after all!
Happy Friday!


Jenna said...

and i get to have a ton of KATE VAN VLECK ORIGINALS all over my house!!! that is soooo awesome kate! validation is always nice, especially from your prof. in front of your peers. you definitely have that eye kate. keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Kate, the photographs are beautiful and they belong in a fancy magazine. Keep up the good work! love, mom

Anonymous said...

Katie, Papa & I just viewed your photos and they are awesome!!!! Good job.

I was telling your Mom of a photo shoot that I saw in New Mexico of fresh veggie and chiles that was for a magazine. I know that you could of done that.

Love, Grandma Cookie