Friday, April 11, 2008

{orange inspiration}

i went back and made another color {inspiration} mosaic,
i am loving them!

1. birds rest point, 2. Orange Bird Button, 3. orange bird flower, 4. Orange Trees, 5. Orange / Decay de Cai (I), 6. Another orange wall ..., 7. Orange passion, 8. Orange Flowers On An Early Spring Day, 9. Orange and Green goodness, 10. L'orange du canal du Midi, 11. orange splash, 12. orange glow, 13. Orange Pollution, 14. Orange Crush, 15. Orange and Green Harbor Scene, 16. Low Orange 1, 17. Orange on Gold, 18. Orange Explosion

i think there are up and down times (and everything in between) in an artists' groove,
and i think I'm in the in between where your climbing back up and your collecting all your inspiration, flavor, and air for the next creative rush...

so i think i will make these mosaics and then i will take Jenna's idea and print them and create some sort of concrete inspiration.

so I'm off to more mosaics...
i want to cover all the colors in the rainbow., this post got super HIPPPIE super fast!
(mom, i think dad was right... there is a little (sometimes a lot!) hippie inside us!)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

some fresh perspective

been craving something...
fresh, breath-taking, air, inspiring, captivating, beautiful,
lovely, change,
the surge of a new beginning,
wandering, peace,
got lost in flickr land and brought home this...
(just click mosiac to enlarge)

1. 'Cause Pink - it's my favorite crayon!, 2. peonyfeatherpillow, 3. pink bench, 4. fallen, 5. Switzerland*4, 6. Setaria pink, 7. The rehearsal, 8. “Almost all words do have color and nothing is more pleasant than to utter a pink word and see someone's eyes light up and know it is a pink word for him or her too”, 9. Pink For Cure, 10. pink room, 11. Pink Houses, Manarola, Italy, 12. .A touch of Pink., 13. Pink Tulip Field, 14. Madrid. Cava de San Miguel y Arco de Cuchilleros., 15. Oxidized Bird's Nest Earrings (fresh water pearl) for SarahF (SD_411_oxidised), 16. Warm Fuscia wall - Greece, 17. remains, 18. some*peace

pink must be on my mind. i didnt realize it, i was just wandering around flickr clicking on this or that and then found that everything i just added to my favorites file happened to be pink. i think its a sign... it says:
"...go buy some pink craft materials and create pink!"
and for the record...
im really not a pink person

will post soon on what pink happens in the studio today

happy tuesday.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

um, yes, two tickets to pisa please...

... ya, i wish!

i have a serious travel bug right now! i would just like to back to all of this...

i think they call it heaven...

oh, that's right its actually Italy!

ahhh yes... i have been day dreaming for about a week,
i have actually found that i can read European blogs and feel a little closer being there,
one i have been loving is here
she is in the fashion industry in the UK
i loved reading about her little "getaway" to Italy,
i cant imagine how it must be to just hop from one country to the next because they are so close, it would be like us going to LA to see grandma and catch some sun...
but its
definitely check out her flicker too, i esp. love the trip to Madrid,
Oh it must be nice, i will have to try it sometime in the near future
(hopefully more near, very near!)