Friday, April 11, 2008

{orange inspiration}

i went back and made another color {inspiration} mosaic,
i am loving them!

1. birds rest point, 2. Orange Bird Button, 3. orange bird flower, 4. Orange Trees, 5. Orange / Decay de Cai (I), 6. Another orange wall ..., 7. Orange passion, 8. Orange Flowers On An Early Spring Day, 9. Orange and Green goodness, 10. L'orange du canal du Midi, 11. orange splash, 12. orange glow, 13. Orange Pollution, 14. Orange Crush, 15. Orange and Green Harbor Scene, 16. Low Orange 1, 17. Orange on Gold, 18. Orange Explosion

i think there are up and down times (and everything in between) in an artists' groove,
and i think I'm in the in between where your climbing back up and your collecting all your inspiration, flavor, and air for the next creative rush...

so i think i will make these mosaics and then i will take Jenna's idea and print them and create some sort of concrete inspiration.

so I'm off to more mosaics...
i want to cover all the colors in the rainbow., this post got super HIPPPIE super fast!
(mom, i think dad was right... there is a little (sometimes a lot!) hippie inside us!)


Jenna said...

ORANGE you glad i didn't say bananas? you should start an inspiration journal. i think i'm gonna. ya know, in my spare time. ;) but for those pictures, words, fabrics, ideas you just love. all tucked into one little *moleskin*. oh i love moleskin journals. ORANGE you glad you have this creative outlet?

Anonymous said...

You see beauty in everything from nature to a hot rod car! I love that about you. If you call that "hippie", so be it. Seeing the world and being able to express it in a medium (film, fabric, clay) is where you see the true heart of the artist. Be true to yourself, my little "Flower Child". Mom