Wednesday, April 02, 2008

um, yes, two tickets to pisa please...

... ya, i wish!

i have a serious travel bug right now! i would just like to back to all of this...

i think they call it heaven...

oh, that's right its actually Italy!

ahhh yes... i have been day dreaming for about a week,
i have actually found that i can read European blogs and feel a little closer being there,
one i have been loving is here
she is in the fashion industry in the UK
i loved reading about her little "getaway" to Italy,
i cant imagine how it must be to just hop from one country to the next because they are so close, it would be like us going to LA to see grandma and catch some sun...
but its
definitely check out her flicker too, i esp. love the trip to Madrid,
Oh it must be nice, i will have to try it sometime in the near future
(hopefully more near, very near!)

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