Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ive been:

on a kind of project roll...
lets start with:


for the new diggs, i found this cabinet at a yard sale for 3 bucks! love that! but i didnt really love the nasty fake wood so i spray painted it glossy black and spray painted the knobs a pewter.
also made a few of these:

i had made those ones but the fresh part doesnt last very long so i mixed some faux green berry sprays and silk orchid stems (my fave! takes me right back to my wedding day) to the curly willow and now i wont have to keep changing out dead branches and leaves. yay.
also changed this into this:
just wasnt happy with it, didnt seem finished so i made the edges solid and added the white border. much better.
also painted this:

had it in the "project bin" for a long long time and then realized we literally dont have a single clock in our house... we even use our cell phones instead of alarm clocks! so i thought i would paint it so it would be ready for the new living room...

which by the way is also all planned out, some how making a bunch of these:

for the new house made me feel 100% better about the move and now i know just exactly where everything "SHOULD" go. there was something very theraputic about the measuring and planning and redesigning but i guess we will just have to wait and see if they actually help the whole "moving-in" bit that i am not so fond of...

I also did a few of these:

... are you asking yourself who those young, thin, sweet kids are? well... i found myself asking the same thing! it seems time has flown by and those were some very sweet sweet times, it was nice going back...
tear, tear, sniffle...
i also put this together:
its a small 6 x 6 mini book of all my old misc. film doubles. i painted the cover to match all the paper (which was a mini paper stack from making memories of a bunch of blue and brown prints, using this made it super easy! i didnt worry about matching paper to pictures or anything else, i just figured i would have one color scheme for the whole book) then used a little spray paint, shimmer pigments mixed with some sort of "shelack", traced a sparrow on an old sewing pattern, cut & pasted it to the cover, added some doodles and called it done! you can see all the pages here.

so to be honest i wouldnt have got 1/2 these projects done if i hadnt limited (almost banned) myself from parking my lazy bum in front of my computer for hours on end...
i dont know how it happens but somehow i find 3 or 4 hours go by while im sitting here in front of the screen and i really dont have anything to show for it most of the time... i will just get lost in blog-land, or etsy-ville, or a flickr-fest and then its game over.
my time has been getting so sucked into this screen its freakin' me out! so i have been making a serious effort to at least be concious of how much time im spending in this seat and as a result i have all those projects to show for it!

can i just end with a note on how good the high of completed projects feels?

so GOOD.


Jenna said...

the mojo is comin back kate! love all the new projects! that clock is so cool! and planning out your space is definitely helpful, mostly for you, the movers, well....they probably won't care! awww, prom. you guys were spring chix back then. glad you are being productive and getting ready for the move!

Jenna said...

i detect some blog neglect! ;) cmon girl, whatcha been up to?

Kate said...

i know i know! its totally neglect! but to be honest there wasnt much internet running through the tents at our camp site about 50 mi. from civilization! ;D