Friday, June 20, 2008

May...?! June?..?! July!

So somehow my summer has already flown by!
in short (very short!) here's where it went...
first there was the
2nd annual newman memorial fishing derby:
where there was lots of fishing,
derby winning!
and spending time with these cute little munchkins!
then there was
fort bragg with mom and dad
where there was lots of watching these:
while enjoying a bit of this:
and so much of this very SOOTHING sound:
and lots of laughs with 2 of my favorite peeps...
mom & dad!
then it was back to town to watch these 2 pretty girls
graduate 8th grade!
im in love with this picture...
does anyone else remember the way this felt? the very young, no responsibilities, so happy, careless, free, exciting split second between jr. high and high school ...
and then.... real life?
(with that fab English accent!)
we got all elsicake on these...
and i love it!
and no graduation is complete without the whole fam. pic!
then technically there was a grad party which us "old ones" dj-ed
then back up to little grass valley for the
fathers day week+end camping trip
where we did quite a bit of fishing
(yep, even zip!)
and then we decided to climb this:
um, yes we started down at the lake where we camp! can we say 6,500+' elevation? that will kick your butt even if your in denise-austin-in-the-early-90's kind of shape!
and it made eating all this:
feel perfectly OK!
i LOVED all of this too!
but now it is back to new house, new job, new diet modes
which is all very good right now,
esp. the diet, i bought myself a subscription to cooking light and i am in LOVE! i have been planning out all our meals so i only hit the market once a week and the recipes are delish!
like this one:
thai coconut bouillabaisse + avacado & mango salad + whole wheat baguette
and of course a little pinot grigio
(yes that's my wine in a mason jar! we are officially back in penntucky! ;D)
by combining herbalife breakfast and lunch plans with cooking light dinner plans i have managed to drop 5lbs! now its just a matter of staying on track, no loosing steam, energy, or inspiration to fit into a decent bathing suit at the end of the summer!
and the most recent development is this little number:
just a little sneak peak at the newest project in the new kreative space!
all i can say is that its amazing how much a space can change your creative productivity! ok, well more on that project soon!
so cheers to topping off June with lots of
inspired, fantastic, vintage, adorable, stitched, sparrow, sunny, fresh, painted, scrapped

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