Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So MuCH pRojEct ProGress!

so the canvases i started turned out a bit like this ^
and i LOVE them! i have been hording these old patterns for so long! i T.A.-ed the sewing class my soph, jr, and sr year of high school and at the end of it Mrs. Miller said
"just take whatever you want..."

so I DID! She had drawers and drawers and DRAWERS full of old patterns and i took as many as my little arms could hold, i have just been waiting for the right space+project+room to do something with them
it was a little hard at first to cut into them but once i made that first snip it looked like a scene out of edward scissor hands! i have so many more patterns and canvases that will hopefully end up in the shop very soon!
oh! it looked like h.g.t.v. at my house today! so excited! we were given an old wooden hutch after we got married but it was really not our style and we haven't had the time (um or real desire) to sand, strip and paint it but today was THE DAY!
Quincy has been painting all afternoon and to be honest, once we saw how easy the whole paint sprayer thing was we added quite a few items to the "hand-me-down-furniture-that-will-only-match-if-we-paint-it" list... i think there will be paint for the next few days!

is there anything more attractive than your husband doing home-art-improvement-projects? i think he deserves a "super-thank-you-i-love-my-husbands-help" dinner tonight....hmmm... maybe pallea & chilled cava?

will post new house & new (completed painting) project pictures soon!

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Jenna said...

i LOVE the canvas project! my sewing room needs one of those! i can't wait to see your room. i can tell its gonna be a creative explosion in there! and the hutch is gonna look awesome! whoohoo!