Monday, July 14, 2008

Alyssa Got Married!

My friend Alyssa got married this Saturday...
... it was an absolutely beautiful wedding!

almost all the groomsmen were in the military so there was lots of that
"sexy-man-in-a-uniform" vibe going on!
And in true wedding fashion the flower girl totally had to be lured to the end of the isle... which is always cute

and this moment totally took my breath away!

I didn't cry a single tear my wedding day but for some reason i cried like a baby Saturday!
(a lot of my pics are blurry so I'm totally blaming the tears in my camera!)

I loved all the petals, the barefoot in the sand bridesmaids, the paper lanterns in the trees, and the atmosphere of the wedding on the lake...

and the whole first kiss totally made me want to lay one on Quinc!

(who by the way was lookin pretty dang good! we don't "get dressed up and go out" much any more so when we do we surprise each other by cleanin' up nice!)

it was so romantic!

does anyone else remember this feeling? you JUST got married and now its time to enjoy x-amount of months of planning? um its the best.

they came to the reception (which was at the clubhouse that overlooked the lake) on boat, it looked like the photographer got some AMAZING shots, cant wait to see!

the reception had so many cute Martha-inspired pieces!

loved it.

and this shot was an accident but i like it! the professional photographer's flash went of right before i clicked i guess and i got this.

and i like it.

it was a fun wedding and Quincy and i had hours of real good conversation about our own wedding, life, plans, and love.

and its not too often that that happens for hours on end. I'm excited for Alyssa, she is just beginning a new adventure

a new chapter in life.

and there is nothing like being at that start of a new path

with your soul mate by your side and you both take the first step


best wishes

Alyssa & Justin White!

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