Thursday, August 28, 2008

journal right now.

from today's journal.
...feeling so very "college student", a whole new idea, just trying to feel it all out, observing every conversation, lesson, emotion. journaling everything knowing this wont last forever. sitting in Starbucks between class, reading a national geographic travel mag for an assignment daydreaming about being in somewhere completely new, being totally submerged in an unknown culture, documenting it, being changed by it... feeling excitement knowing that someday i will be in that moment.
Feels so exciting-unknown-lil'bitscary-amazing all at the same time.
it feels like

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm bringin' retro back...yup! your kitchen that is! The shop is being restocked with some very

sweet and funky finds!

check it out here!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

today was someones first day of school...ever.

It was my niece Macey's first day of kindergarten today...
I went to take her first-day-of-school picture just the way my mom did every year. I couldn't believe my eyes. I remembered the day Macey was born, Quincy and I were just dating and we went to the hospital on our lunch(we were still in high school!) to see this sweet new little baby, her name was Macey.
well here's Macey 5 yrs later, far from the little peanut she used to be and ready to take on kindergarten!
Macey and Riley
Macey, Molly, and Morgan (sisters)
Macey and Alana (mom)

Macey and Brad (dad)

I didn't get a chance to talk to Alana or Brad to ask how it felt sending their first kid off to school but I know that on my way home I totally cried.

Cried because time goes by so fast, because she was so brave and excited, because I remembered how fun it was to take the first day of school picture every year with my little brothers, because I am so proud to be her auntie!

so lucky to have a garden.

so on the property we live on there is a huge organic garden that is producing the most beautiful and amazing fruits and vegetables! and while slicing and dicing today the light coming through the windows in my kitchen was calling out saying: use me! pick up your camera! don't think, just shoot, follow your minds eye and trust yourself...

OK well maybe it didn't say all that but these thoughts have been on my mind recently, maybe because I'm getting ready for my first full time semester and maybe because i have finally and officially declared myself as a

photography major.

its so hard to see so much talent and be inspired by so many other artist and then at the same time feel so small, I'm just starting this whole professional-photographer-journey, and slowly but surely I'm walkin down that path, and recently its been a little distracting to look around and see what everyone else who is or wants to call themselves a pro is doing.

so this IS me.
just MY eye.
just MY style.
just what I LOVE.

i recently talked to someone i didn't know read my blog and i was surprised when she said she did, i was trying to explain my "style" of blogging which she thought was interesting but then after i realised its not a style, i don't have a type, i just feel things and i throw them out there, and if by chance someone understands or is in a similar spot then that's a bonus.
that being said I'm throwing it out there that
I'm letting go.
this is from my journal this week:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dear Ttv, ... YoU RoCk!

I fell in love with this whole TtV business and I just had to share!

I saw this post on Tara's blog and I instantly jumped over to google to see just how I could get this fab look, I found this group on flick, and this tutorial on how to layer it all up right, and viola! fantastic Ttv! These are just from my initial attempt so I know there will be more (lots) to come!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kates Gone Vintage

OK I'm just diving in...
so here's the new shop:

Ive only listed a handful of things but soon there should be an abundance of everything vintage, sweet, retro, funky, and all around old-school-wonderful!

Come check it out here!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

been feeling quite domestic.

well the thrift store finds have started lookin a bit like this:
Why such an odd combo of books you ask? well they aren't exactly for reading... more just for looks. i wanted a way to pull together my pictures (that yes, aren't even in the frames yet!) and other little bits of home decor on my bookshelves so i decided i would just tie it all together with coordinating colored book spines... just think pottery-barn-catalog meets kreative-kates-photography+ thrifting finds... at 50cents a book i cant think of a cheaper way to fill my bookshelves with coordinating and flexible eye candy!
so maybe it was the home decorating or the 70's style lamps or maybe the 50 bewitched reruns but i am feeling oh so domestic...

so domestic that when Quincy came home i had frozen 2 casseroles, baked 3 loaves of bread, one batch of blueberry muffins, 2 whole wheat pizza doughs, chopped-prepped-froze 6 bags of mixed summer veggies from the garden, and made a complete meal plan and shopping list for the rest of the week.

um whoa.

It started with my new bread maker that cost a whoppin'9 bucks at the thrift store! once you get going you just cant stop, esp. when you figure it only cost you a handful of change to make a loaf of super delish bread instead of paying upwards of $4 for the bread your "husband-just-has-to-have".

thank you thrift store.

Speakin of thrift stores I'm going to have to let these fab finds go... tear... tear...

i just listed them in my etsy shop today and i figure if it goes ok i might just have to start up a new shop for these finds! we will see!

Monday, August 04, 2008

been dayDREAMING...

this persons art is so beautiful!
1. lunch in rainbows, 2. melting marvel, 3. entertaining, 4. focal treat, 5. plump vibrant morsels, 6. eggplant row, 7. tsukiji market, 8. blush, 9. tuile still story, 10. glass light, 11. elegant mussels, 12. backyard picnic

been daydreaming about this career in N.Y.C.

something about the way she shoots, and lights, and composes just fills me up with so many different types of inspiration.

so grateful for stumbling across Melina Hammer.