Wednesday, August 06, 2008

been feeling quite domestic.

well the thrift store finds have started lookin a bit like this:
Why such an odd combo of books you ask? well they aren't exactly for reading... more just for looks. i wanted a way to pull together my pictures (that yes, aren't even in the frames yet!) and other little bits of home decor on my bookshelves so i decided i would just tie it all together with coordinating colored book spines... just think pottery-barn-catalog meets kreative-kates-photography+ thrifting finds... at 50cents a book i cant think of a cheaper way to fill my bookshelves with coordinating and flexible eye candy!
so maybe it was the home decorating or the 70's style lamps or maybe the 50 bewitched reruns but i am feeling oh so domestic...

so domestic that when Quincy came home i had frozen 2 casseroles, baked 3 loaves of bread, one batch of blueberry muffins, 2 whole wheat pizza doughs, chopped-prepped-froze 6 bags of mixed summer veggies from the garden, and made a complete meal plan and shopping list for the rest of the week.

um whoa.

It started with my new bread maker that cost a whoppin'9 bucks at the thrift store! once you get going you just cant stop, esp. when you figure it only cost you a handful of change to make a loaf of super delish bread instead of paying upwards of $4 for the bread your "husband-just-has-to-have".

thank you thrift store.

Speakin of thrift stores I'm going to have to let these fab finds go... tear... tear...

i just listed them in my etsy shop today and i figure if it goes ok i might just have to start up a new shop for these finds! we will see!


Anonymous said...

Ok, you have to tell me how many cups of coffee did you have!!! ha-ha-ha I love what you did to your thrift store finds. But, I need to go to your etsy shop and by that stamp holder!!!!(It will go great in my new office)
Love, Mom

Jenna said...

you'll have to change your blog's name to domestikate!

Kate said...

ha ha i love it!