Wednesday, August 13, 2008

so lucky to have a garden.

so on the property we live on there is a huge organic garden that is producing the most beautiful and amazing fruits and vegetables! and while slicing and dicing today the light coming through the windows in my kitchen was calling out saying: use me! pick up your camera! don't think, just shoot, follow your minds eye and trust yourself...

OK well maybe it didn't say all that but these thoughts have been on my mind recently, maybe because I'm getting ready for my first full time semester and maybe because i have finally and officially declared myself as a

photography major.

its so hard to see so much talent and be inspired by so many other artist and then at the same time feel so small, I'm just starting this whole professional-photographer-journey, and slowly but surely I'm walkin down that path, and recently its been a little distracting to look around and see what everyone else who is or wants to call themselves a pro is doing.

so this IS me.
just MY eye.
just MY style.
just what I LOVE.

i recently talked to someone i didn't know read my blog and i was surprised when she said she did, i was trying to explain my "style" of blogging which she thought was interesting but then after i realised its not a style, i don't have a type, i just feel things and i throw them out there, and if by chance someone understands or is in a similar spot then that's a bonus.
that being said I'm throwing it out there that
I'm letting go.
this is from my journal this week:


Anonymous said...

I hope these photographs make it into your line of notecards like the cupcakes. You definately have your own style. You are unique and have a great eye for what you do. Keep it up. I look forward to your upcoming postings. love, mom

Jenna said...

i love watching you come into your own. turning each corner, chipping away at your destination, finding who you are as an artist, who you are as a woman. and sometimes finding out what you DON'T want to do, is part of finding out what you DO want to do. go ahead kate, dance with your eyes closed and feel the music! your squash rocks!