Wednesday, August 13, 2008

today was someones first day of school...ever.

It was my niece Macey's first day of kindergarten today...
I went to take her first-day-of-school picture just the way my mom did every year. I couldn't believe my eyes. I remembered the day Macey was born, Quincy and I were just dating and we went to the hospital on our lunch(we were still in high school!) to see this sweet new little baby, her name was Macey.
well here's Macey 5 yrs later, far from the little peanut she used to be and ready to take on kindergarten!
Macey and Riley
Macey, Molly, and Morgan (sisters)
Macey and Alana (mom)

Macey and Brad (dad)

I didn't get a chance to talk to Alana or Brad to ask how it felt sending their first kid off to school but I know that on my way home I totally cried.

Cried because time goes by so fast, because she was so brave and excited, because I remembered how fun it was to take the first day of school picture every year with my little brothers, because I am so proud to be her auntie!


Anonymous said...

These photographs not only capture a first day of school, but the true blessing of family. I have so many pictures of the blessings in my life. I thank God everyday for those snapshots. I hope the Fowler's realize what a special moment that was, as seen through your lens. Mom

Jenna said...

i can't believe how grown up she looks! what a great shot of all the girls. i'm glad you took those pictures, what a special day for them. what's brad all spoofed up for? i wonder how she did today...