Wednesday, September 24, 2008

on my desk...

are so many new things are on their way to the shop!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh MY!

My SIL Jenna told me about this site called: "", and I went on the site and ended up laughing so hard when I uploaded in the pictures of Quincy and I! Its so funny! Everyone should so do this! its so simple you just upload a straight shot of yourself and they plug them into all different years!
can you guess which years are which!?!

...all I have to say is that I am truly sorry for anyone who had yearbook photos taken in the 80's...yikes!

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Cards!!!

Been stocking my shop with some new fabulous cards sets:

come check it out HERE!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

check it out

So today I was asked if my food photo:

could be used for some one's news story on how "vegetables shrink the brain", its on a site called, you can check it out here!

This person found my photograph through flickr which really surprised me, I let my pro account end and I ha vent been uploading many photographs because our photography class did a research & discussion on how they are ripping off photographers by using your work without you knowing or people just taking it right from your page, etc. so I was quite surprised when someone emails me for permission to use this photo.

hmpf. go figure.

I do feel pretty excited, for a photographer this is like the best compliment someone could give you! So thanks Jeff Huang!

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

it was good thrifting!!!!

today was such good thrifting!!!!
all of these things are staying in this house because they are just tooo fabulous to sell!
first is this awesome bright(not so much in this pic) blue vint. typewriter!
um can you say $5.00!?!

then this A-mAZ-inG old school Polaroid camera to go into the new office...
it didn't have a price tag so i got it for $1.00!!!!

and then my favorite buy was this 1965 transistor radio!!! that still works!! the pic just doesn't do it justice but with a little shining up it will be a BEAUTY!!

I'm in love!

and all this came from one thrift store, actually its the one i generally go to last or just skip over entirely... um that's not happening any more!

i did also get a handful of new stuff for my shop that I'm listing tomorrow so check make sure to check it out!

happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Checking Off Projects!

Been finishing lots of projects lately! Which feels so good! so a few to start with:
1. Painted over the DARK green "faux suede" in the living room which has brightened this room up soooo much and makes if feel 10 times bigger and takes it down to 2 colors in the living room instead of 3 which makes me so so happy! So glad our "land-lord" agreed to this proj!

2. Finished this clock that has been sitting in my closet in the "to-be-finished" craft pile... its been there...ahem...2yrs now, sad I know but now its done and all it needs is a battery, but until then its just going to stay a 5 o'clock ;D

3. Printed pictures, framed pictures, spray painted our DVD baskets, and arranged all that + my green and blue books into this:

the basket on the bottom is kinda hard to see but they used to look like this:
So they got a coat of black paint and some blue-green twill tape and they worked out perfect for the bottom shelf of my "display-case-book-shelf-storage-whatchamacallits"

3. We completely re-arranged the office. Pictures of that will be coming soon! But, while tearing it all apart I came across so many projects I bought all the stuff to do but then never touched it again.... so I decided no more shopping or blogging or crafting until these projects are done first! so that resulted in the following projs:
4. Christmas stockings! I had all the fabric but no pattern so I went onto Martha Stewart's home page and searched for a stocking pattern... um Martha you have too many stocking patterns. finally found a simple one, enlarged it, printed it, cut it, sewed it, and even pressed it!
whoa. i know.
I do want to embroider our names on them (oh ya, the 3rd one is for zip! no Jenna don't even get any baby ideas running through you head! ;D)
5. I used the left over fabric to make these small square mats to go under my nativity set, to give it a sandy/dirtish/natural backdrop

6. I sewed zip a new hoodie and matching blanket. because its going to be so much cooler here this winter vs last winter in the mild Folsom house.
Quincy and Calvin both loved it, they say " makes him look hecka gangster..." I assure you this was not the "look" I was going for!
I think he just looks pretty sweet.

well today is finish up the office day so there will be more projects and pictures very soon! I think all this productivity might have something to do with the change in weather too, its been so nice and cool, I even busted out jeans yesterday! There is something about cool fall weather that makes crafting and home projects so much better! Or maybe its just that now its cool enough to drink coffee all day long so the caffeinated-kate is just really jammin on the projects! :D

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

writers block...serious.

um this is my desk...

please note the blank paper where my essay is supposed to be written, and then please note the white russian i will be drinking to "hopefully" kick this serious writers block... oh ya and then please note that I'm writing here on the blog instead of on that paper...hmmm can you guess when this paper is due? don't answer that.