Saturday, September 13, 2008

it was good thrifting!!!!

today was such good thrifting!!!!
all of these things are staying in this house because they are just tooo fabulous to sell!
first is this awesome bright(not so much in this pic) blue vint. typewriter!
um can you say $5.00!?!

then this A-mAZ-inG old school Polaroid camera to go into the new office...
it didn't have a price tag so i got it for $1.00!!!!

and then my favorite buy was this 1965 transistor radio!!! that still works!! the pic just doesn't do it justice but with a little shining up it will be a BEAUTY!!

I'm in love!

and all this came from one thrift store, actually its the one i generally go to last or just skip over entirely... um that's not happening any more!

i did also get a handful of new stuff for my shop that I'm listing tomorrow so check make sure to check it out!

happy Friday!

1 comment:

Jenna said...

sweet! i gotta thrift more. you're on a roll girl!