Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long Time... No Kreative Post...

wow... lacking on the kreativity? geez! Ive been getting ready for this "cocktail & costume" party we are having on Halloween and one thing we are going to have is plenty of "pretty" appetizers...
(you know, totally necessary for a cocktail party)
so i went thrifting and came up with a 3 tiered serving piece project:

i used 3 plates (2 larger and 1 smaller) and

2 petite and very cute "shmancy glasses"...
all found at a the thrift store of course...
making the total cost of this project a whopping $3.50!
love that!
so i just stacked and made a small mark on the bottom of each cup and each plate at the center and glued each together matching up my marks
and voila!:

1 3-tiered party piece ready for a fantastic cocktail & costume party!

I will be posting more party projects as they are completed!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It was a fun summer...

Well actually this summer was a total blast! And one of the most fun parts was starting my vintage etsy store. I loved going thrifting, yard-saling, and rummaging and finding such fabulous vintage pieces and I loved the whole new adventure
... that being said...

I have decided its time to prioritize and "clear up" my time. (anyone who has an etsy shop knows just how time consuming it is!)So, its time to put the focus on my family, my art, my photography, and most importantly my classes, and to do this I'm clearing out and closing down 'Kate's Gone Vintage', everything in the store has been marked WAY DOWN and when its all gone its gone and I'm totally OK with that! Its been a fun ride!

Now hurry over to the shop to get your hands on some of those fabulous steals!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Im campaigning...

I found this on Donna Downeys blog and I absolutely love it!

...almost everyday i get an email from someone who has either just realized their creative potential or someone struggling to hear their inner creative voice.
i 100% believe that inspiration and possibility are everywhere...
inspiration can be found in everything we do, share and see.the possibility is our part in manifesting it into tangible art.all we need to do is open our hearts and eyes and listen to our creative voice.
we all have a voice.
sometimes it speaks to us in a department store,
or while reading a catalog,
or while walking in nature.
it is the voice that stops you and makes you look a things in a different way.
like the placemats you pass while shopping at Target that inspires your next layout design,
or the new bedding set you see in a pottery barn catalog that inspires the color pallet for your next collage painting
or the nature walk that prompts you to pick up fallen branches and twigs that inspire your next home decor project.
embracing our creative potential and letting it free to guide our art is the challenge.
believing in the power of your passion to create is the gift we all have to share.
"believe in your creative potential, enjoy the creative process, try something new, explore new possibilities, but most of all believe."
this is just such an amzing message, something I can believe in and I just love that she is campaigning for art while
EVERYBODY is campaigning
who really knows?