Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween... finally.

So I used a bunch of decorations that I had made for the "craft show" Jenna and I did and my house was COVERED in Halloween decor for the party. it was sweet.
here's the skinny:
Halloween Banner: printed on the computer, inked, corners rounded, & add ribbon:

Boo Banner: die cut pendants, die cut letters, & add purple twill tape:
*zip decided totally on his own that he needed to be in the pic! so funny. :D*

Boo Luminaries: cut down paper bags, stamp alphabet, & add Christmas lights instead of candles to insure I don't light the ceiling on fire!

Bat Lamps: bobbi-pin cheese cloth to lamps, cut bottoms into zig-zag, stretch material, & scotch tape paper bats to inside of lamps:

Martha's Tissue Pom Poms: accordion fold lime, black, and purple tissue, cut ends into a point, & fluff! *on a side note: once I started making these I just wanted to cover my house in them! they are so fun! I think they might get added to my studio in gold, silver, and bronze!!!! cant wait!*

Punch Cauldrons: cover lame bat cauldron with cheese cloth, ink edges, add ribbon, & add punch title tags:

*wish I would have got a pic when the dry ice was still smoking/fogging the bottoms of these cauldrons but I guess we were having too much fun to remember details at that point so just imagine lots of fog/smoke rolling and cascading down this little bar area ;D *
we also set up this little candy station which finally gave me an excuse to use those vintage jello molds I've been hanging onto for so long!

and now the costumes:
Claire-1984, Quincy & I-Paris and Helen of troy (zip not pictured yet was the Trojan horse! I made him the funniest little horse costume ever!more on that soon!) and John-Bill Murray from "life aquatic"

Randy & Angie- Cowboy and Indian

Mom- HGTV fan (so funny! on the back of her shirt she wrote "I love my contractor!" a shout out just for you dad! ;D)

Matt & Mary Ellen- Old West Card Shark & Saloon Girl


Brad & Alana- Surgeons (I think that's why we gave Brad a knife?)

and last but not least the winner of the costume contest by vote:
Terry & Gail- Cave Man and Woman (seriously loved the bones in the hair! the wig just totally made the whole costume!)

It was such a fun night! I think we are going to make this a tradition, the

Van Vleck Costume Halloween Party!

yup. its decided.

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Jenna said...

oh i LOVE it! your costumes were great! did gail make their costumes? your house looked so cute! all the cheese cloth was a nice touch. that was pretty smart to use all the halloween stuff you made for the show. and i'm making those pom poms for elliana's bday party too. i did them last year, they are so easy and festive. maybe next year we will be able to come the party too!