Monday, December 15, 2008

the crafting has beguNNN!! Woo Hoo!

I have some very sweet (and sometimes high-energy) nieces that come to my house on occasion and they love to bake with auntie Kate, their favorite part of course is picking out which apron to wear, but I only have adult aprons so they are really big (which also makes them so cute!) so i decided i would make some special aprons for them to use when they come cook & bake with auntie Kate. My grandma had a special apron that I used at her house when I visited her and I remember thinking that it was just so so special. so I am super excited to pass this on to them. here's what they are looking like:

they each have a little pocket detail and these cute p.s. I love you tags sewn onto them

(my favorite detail!)

next on the list: FINISH the paper wreaths I started at thanksgiving!!!

also, can I just say


has seriously been giving me a serious studio boost... the kind that makes you dance with your projects and totally let loose in your studio. its a feel good.


Jenna said...

those aprons are adorable kate! the girls will love them! what a special tradition you are passing on!

Alyssa Marie said...

How cute are these! I've been playing on making full size aprons as gifts to all the married lady friends of mine. What a sweet idea for the little girls in your family! to cute!