Monday, December 15, 2008

let it snow, let it snow, let it penn valley?

that's right! its SNOWING!!!! and I'm not talking about a little dusting, its actually sticking and it snowed all afternoon! snow just amps the Christmas spirit up so much!
i feel like I'm in a Christmas movie!!!
can you tell I'm excited?
just a little.
OK, so today I went to the MIL's house and learned how to make raviolis, actually it was a whole ravioli party (in the snow! in case you forgot!) with Quincy's sister and grandma too.

we made a ridiculous amount of raviolis! we made enough for Christmas dinner plus each of us got to take home a box!

It was really awesome ...pasta, cheese, cooking, drinking wine, passing on family traditions, a cozy fire, and snow outside... it was a great Sunday afternoon.

OK this pic is super blurry but I still just love it!
o! and we made these little cini-mini-pin-wheel type things with the left over pasta dough... delish!

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Jenna said...

awwww. how fun! and today was a snow day!!! yay! those raviolis will be so yummy for christmas dinner! wish i could've been there.