Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New year + New semester = New planner

Well today was the first day of the semester and it was...well...lets just say its going to be one of those semesters that is going to use every ounce of will-power, focus, and determination I have in my body... but the good news is that this should also be my last film photo class! yay for coming out of the dark ages!!
So in the spirit of school starting I hit staples for some supplies and picked up a new planner... the selection was pathetic! Not that they didn't have quantity they just didn't have anything I WANTED, does that ever happen to anyone else? Anyhoo, after about a half an hour of staring at the wall of overpriced-but-cheaply-made-planners I went with this:

but I needed to make it somewhat attractive and I have been wanting to make a Donna Downey Inspiration Journal with some cute fabric and a jazzy button so I figured I would use the "look" and make a fabric cover for the planner. I used this tutorial, it was a simple project but if you are going to try using it I will just say read the instructions carefully...actually I found myself reading some steps over and over again... I guess its just the way the are written. This is how it all turned out:

And I finally got to use some of my rhinestone buttons! Another item out of hoarding!
I think a monogram on the front might be necessary... maybe a velvet Heidi Swap iron on type... not sure yet but I have a feeling this is going to be the last crafty project for a while so I gotta make it good! Well, at least until finals are over in may!


claudio said...

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Alyssa Marie said...

Love this!!! Very cute idea. Your planner looks very similar to mine...and yes, because the selection was awful. Love the fabric choice too. And, I think a Hiedi Swap Iron On would be PERFECT!!

Jenna said...

very jazzy. when life give you crappy planners, make it a jazzy planner! i love donna's inspiration journals too. i want to make one too. you'll have to make a "creative escape" part way through the semester for some crafty goodness!

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with the "basic" and turned it into a Kate Kreation. I've used the At-A-Glance planners for over 10 years and love them. William's Stationery on Main Street has a nice selection. Keep up the good work Kate. I'm so proud of you. Love, Mom