Saturday, January 17, 2009


I looked quite some time ago for a Jennifer McGuire blog and somehow came up with nothing... and then tonight I am browsing Ali Edwards' new studio space and she mentions Jennifer McGuire and I find her blog and then studio there are no words.... just go see for yourself. Her space is so clean CLEAN clean! I might just be jealous because I am going through creativity withdraws because of the fresh-semester-homework-load but it might just be straight jealousy of the fabulous-ness and organization and accessibility w/o clutter and wide open spaces of her work space...what do you think?

I'm thinking I want some new fabulously inspiring workspace.

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Alyssa Marie said...

Oh my LORD! This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I told Justin that I cannot WAIT to get a two bedroom so we can turn one into an art studio/creativity space. One side for him to do his photography and the other side for me. I hate not having a space of my own and having all of my stuff in my MM Scrapbooking Bag (even though I love that thing!!). And this space is just incredible. Who is Jennifer McGuire?