Friday, February 27, 2009

CheCk iT OUT!

The Vintage Pearl is giving away this beautiful new piece! The hand stamped work of this talented woman is amazing! Both my niece and SIL have necklaces from her shop and they are absolutely awesome! Check it out for yourself here!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

iT wAS aN OuTbuRSt of Kreativity!!!!

so Ive kinda been in a funk... a creative funk, partially because all i do now is go to school, do homework, study, cram, read, analyze, eat, sleep, and repeat. there has been very little and at times no creative projects in my mind, in my hands, and on my heart...

until tonight!

maybe it was the bob marley, maybe it was the art department pictures, maybe it was the non-stop photo editing... i don't know exactly but something just switched on in my body and my sub-conscious took over and before i knew it i was making a HUGE mess of my studio space and 5 minutes later 4 pages were added to my "non-scrap-book-journal-scrap-book" that houses all my high school bits. I just chopped, glued, embellished... no thinking, no analyzing, no second guessing. The pages in that book are "messy-good"....its really more of a glorified journal. Going over these photos i realized my body craves that messy, paint covered, free, grounding, charcoal stained, chaotic, coffee induced, music inspired, exploration and careless-ness of creating.

lesson learned:

let my hands create.

don't deprive my heart of ART.

its impossible for me to go to bed at a "reasonable hour"

ps: what is it that is sssSSOOOoooOO inspiring about those high school and college art classrooms? you can just simply walk in and feel crazy goo art vibes instantly?

a whole missing roll?

Yes. I am the most forgetful photographer ever.
Found a mystery roll of fantastic "Christmas" film and look what i found:
i got super indecisive while editing here:
notice 3 color options for elliana in the Elvis shades?
... and that's not all of them!

doesn't Tuckers posture totally look like that of a grown man?
so chillax.
and then there is this ridiculously attractive couple! :


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Been Editing...

I did a shoot for my friend Joe and his girlfriend Paige this last Friday before Joe left for Marine boot camp Sunday. I have just started editing but I am super happy with what I am seeing! They were such an easy couple to photograph and Joe's property is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
Moral of the story: Beautiful people + Beautiful natural backdrop = happy photographer!
Here's a super small sneekity- peekity(click and view them full size!):

I was really lovin' those cowboy boots & jeans!

I will post when I add the rest to my flickr feed.

Now back to happy editing....


Saturday, February 21, 2009

my 100th post!

wow! 100 posts. guess I kinda like blog-land, thank you Jenna for introducing me to this ridiculously addictive, inspiring, fun little world!

so casino night was a total hit!
I got all the center-piece supplies at the dollar store
and that mini roulette wheel is what spurred the whole theme (only 7 hrs before I was supposed to have guests at my house!) and even though the whole thing was so so last minute I had this wonderful girl to help me throw it all together!:

(totally couldnt have done it with out you bert!)

AND she totally busted out that roulette board in no time flat! we got green craft felt and she mapped out and stamped the numbers with acrylic paint...I love when friends are on the same creative wave-length!

and this year it was all about the cupcakes! I have had these mini playing cards for so long and this was finally the perfect project for them!

and I made one extra special cupcake for Quinc with the a hand of 21 and the lucky dealer chip:

and even as we all sang happy birthday to him he was pouting that he is now a whopping 23!

So at each place setting I put equal amounts of fake money for our guests to "gamble" with, we had everyone "cash in" for chips and we played poker, black jack, and the roulette until the casino Van Vleck won all our money...kinda weird how the dealers ALWAYS win...even if your not in a casino!
We had great food, with amazing family & friends, played great games, ate great cupcakes, and celebrated a GREAT guy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He's 23!

Today Quincy is 23! Which is really old according to him (he thinks hes pushing his "mid-twenties")... Oh dear, if hes like this at 23 I don't know what hes going to do at 30, 40, 50, 60 etc.! I have to just keep telling him he is a kid at heart and always will be!
So tonight is casino night! I'm so excited! Its going to be...
Lots of Frank


And LOTS of fake money!

Hoping for some fantastically fun pics!

Happy birthday Quincy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Campus & the Ego Boost...

Yes, its true I am posting before 9 am... (pause for shock...) I actually got up early(pause for even bigger shock...), turned my defrost on even earlier, and trucked myself into the corolla.
I don't drive in snow or ice, the last time I attempted that I was in high school and my brother coached me the whole way home while I clutched onto the steering wheel with white knuckles practically hyperventilating thinking my parents will kill me if I crash my car! I have always assumed I couldn't or wouldn't attempt it again and definitely not alone... but this morning I "manned up" and drove myself to school, to be honest I just told myself Ryan was there again with me so I wasn't so freaked out but... I will admit it was a total driving ego boost when I was passing all those women(and a few men) who were spun off the road waiting for tow trucks and an even better ego boost when I showed up to my 8 o'clock class as the 4th person of 6 total people... guess the rest of class just couldn't handle it... ;D so now I'm waiting to see how many people venture out and show up to the next class and whether it will be canceled...
anyway, the campus looks beautiful! check it out:

It feels like I'm on campus in another state, its kind of a nice break...kinda.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

soSOsOSOOsooO exciting!

Well ladies and gentlemen...I present to you:

I have been working on my site for the last few days and all the anticipation was killer! but this morning to my lovely surprise I found my site up and running! It still has most of the same info as the previous site but it has a new look and I have added a few new shots to the galleries (which are new themselves! yay! and on a side note I have nothing but love for freewebs! I am by no means a web-designer but their site and programs make everything soSOso easy, if you are looking into making a website check them out!)

so go check out all the beautiful people that have been so willing to let me photograph them!
Happy Saturday!