Thursday, February 26, 2009

iT wAS aN OuTbuRSt of Kreativity!!!!

so Ive kinda been in a funk... a creative funk, partially because all i do now is go to school, do homework, study, cram, read, analyze, eat, sleep, and repeat. there has been very little and at times no creative projects in my mind, in my hands, and on my heart...

until tonight!

maybe it was the bob marley, maybe it was the art department pictures, maybe it was the non-stop photo editing... i don't know exactly but something just switched on in my body and my sub-conscious took over and before i knew it i was making a HUGE mess of my studio space and 5 minutes later 4 pages were added to my "non-scrap-book-journal-scrap-book" that houses all my high school bits. I just chopped, glued, embellished... no thinking, no analyzing, no second guessing. The pages in that book are "messy-good"....its really more of a glorified journal. Going over these photos i realized my body craves that messy, paint covered, free, grounding, charcoal stained, chaotic, coffee induced, music inspired, exploration and careless-ness of creating.

lesson learned:

let my hands create.

don't deprive my heart of ART.

its impossible for me to go to bed at a "reasonable hour"

ps: what is it that is sssSSOOOoooOO inspiring about those high school and college art classrooms? you can just simply walk in and feel crazy goo art vibes instantly?


Jenna said...

that's awesome kate. and YES you need that release, don't deprive yourself, it will only rejuvinate you! (i think you may have told me that just a few weeks ago huh?) i love that you took pictures of your art class. to remember that. to remember that feeling you feel right now. those rooms are so freeing and inspiring aren't they? i sooo miss that. maybe you should have like an ongoing art project/book/journal or something to work on once a week while you are in school. just to keep the juices flowin. :)

Alyssa Marie said...

Who goes to bed at reasonable hours at our age??? I try so hard EVERY night...and it never happens. Keep those juices flowing!