Saturday, February 21, 2009

my 100th post!

wow! 100 posts. guess I kinda like blog-land, thank you Jenna for introducing me to this ridiculously addictive, inspiring, fun little world!

so casino night was a total hit!
I got all the center-piece supplies at the dollar store
and that mini roulette wheel is what spurred the whole theme (only 7 hrs before I was supposed to have guests at my house!) and even though the whole thing was so so last minute I had this wonderful girl to help me throw it all together!:

(totally couldnt have done it with out you bert!)

AND she totally busted out that roulette board in no time flat! we got green craft felt and she mapped out and stamped the numbers with acrylic paint...I love when friends are on the same creative wave-length!

and this year it was all about the cupcakes! I have had these mini playing cards for so long and this was finally the perfect project for them!

and I made one extra special cupcake for Quinc with the a hand of 21 and the lucky dealer chip:

and even as we all sang happy birthday to him he was pouting that he is now a whopping 23!

So at each place setting I put equal amounts of fake money for our guests to "gamble" with, we had everyone "cash in" for chips and we played poker, black jack, and the roulette until the casino Van Vleck won all our money...kinda weird how the dealers ALWAYS win...even if your not in a casino!
We had great food, with amazing family & friends, played great games, ate great cupcakes, and celebrated a GREAT guy!


Jenna said...

congrats on 100 posts! i had to suck everybody else i knew into the bloggies with me! casino night looked like a blast! such cute decorations as always. sounds like you guys had fun!

Alyssa Marie said...

Oh that party looks fantastic! I love all the little details. We are very alike in that way. And congrats on your 100th post! Cant wait till I get there. Hopefully I will see you in March!

Anonymous said...

It was a fun party Kate. I can't wait to see what you do when you have kids!!! Mom