Saturday, February 07, 2009

soSOsOSOOsooO exciting!

Well ladies and gentlemen...I present to you:

I have been working on my site for the last few days and all the anticipation was killer! but this morning to my lovely surprise I found my site up and running! It still has most of the same info as the previous site but it has a new look and I have added a few new shots to the galleries (which are new themselves! yay! and on a side note I have nothing but love for freewebs! I am by no means a web-designer but their site and programs make everything soSOso easy, if you are looking into making a website check them out!)

so go check out all the beautiful people that have been so willing to let me photograph them!
Happy Saturday!


Jenna said...

yay! it looks awesome kate! so professional. you need to make a little web ad link button thingie so i can put it on my blog. can't wait to see what your business cards look like! way to go kate. the journey has begun...:)

Alyssa Marie said...

LOVELY! You did a fantastic job...What a lot of work.