Friday, March 27, 2009

such a GOOD friday!

because: today was "weigh and measure" myself day... which was scary but ended up in really good news: I've lost 17lbs and 14"!!!!!
Ha Ha Ha!!!! oh ya, mmm hm, ah huh, feels good!
esp. because summer is approaching and i have set a few goals for myself, one is that i am buying this bathing suit:
and I'd like to be able to wear it without wanting to crawl under a rock! (and no, the goal is definitely not to look like her!)
and the second is climbing this:
My friend Jesse and I made a pact around Christmas that we would climb it together (I had to find a new climbing partner when Quincy said there was "absolutely NO way he'd be climbing half dome"...ya, he's pretty terrified of heights so that was a long shot anyway!) but anyhoo, Jesse and I are going to be climbing it this summer which means I have been training by butt off (literally ;D) at the gym, working with the most wonderful trainer Wanda, and eating super healthy.
Around new years I put up a new "bulletin/inspiration board" in the office, Quincy and I both read that when making specific goals for yourself you are more likely to meet them then when you make generalized goals (save money, loose weight, work out, etc...), so we both shared what the goals were and but up some sort of visual that represented our goals. I have been looking at this bathing suit and half dome since January so there has been no excuse for falling off track!
I also got to sleep in, read the new Martha Stewart and Real Simple from cover to cover, finished ALL (yes all) the laundry, made a fresh jar of sun tea, and tonight I'm going out with my love so I have a real good reason to get all fancied up!
yup, its a GOOD FRIDAY!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the sweetest tomatoes:

I was cleanin' up the hard-drive and found some lost garden photos from this summer....

I did a quick edit and sent them on their way to flickr-land. I'm trying to figure out how to work in still life and commercial portfolios onto my existing site but...

nothing seems fluid at the moment...

I think I need more material.

And another garden of beautiful fruits and vegetables!

and they're UP!


posted the rest here!


I just read this amazing post.
I cried instantly.
I took the opportunity to be honest.
I stepped out of the comfort zone and put a "CAN" in place of the "PROBABLY NOT".
I exhaled what felt like 4 years of "how am I going to be what I want to be?" pressure.

Finally reconnected!

well I am finally RECONNECTED!
a branch hit a tree which hit the power line which hit the phone line...
...and moral of the story we were without power, phones, and Internet for some time!
(apparently phone companies don't work on weekends?!!?! hmm.)
but we are back in action and I have been working away at a few projects,
(and to toot my own horn for a sec) I am on quite a roll with creating websites on this
I used it to create my photography site, I helped Quincy build a site for his W.O.W. guild, I started a site for Stoney Oaks Farms Bath & Body products(more on the etsy switchover later) and most recently have been working on the

Its still got some deets to be filled in but its getting there and it just feel so much more professional to say "here is our OFFICIAL site..."

Its definitely that busy time of year for our foundation so it felt good to get this started. We are especially excited that we can take pre-orders for this years derby shirts as well as sell general merchandise on the site so easily. As more starts happening at the site I will update here as well.

And one last exciting bit: our first year we had 3 applicants for our scholarships, and last year we had 5 applicants for scholarships...

this year we are reviewing 31 scholarships!

God is GOOD.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

by the way...

check out this fun shoot I did with berT,

I esp. loved this one in the series of 3 corner shots(see the flickr feed):

I think she is almost all smiles all the time...

even when I made her carry around a suitcase dressed like she came straight out of the 70's

that suitcase was a whopping $2!!! we saw it thrifting and I think it was the spark for the whole shoot. now so many suit case ideas are floating around in my head!!!

check out the rest of the shoot HERE.
(on a total side note I am finally easing my way back into flickr...we seem to have a love hate relationship...but more on that later ;D)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

well you dont always find what you're looking for....

...but sometimes that's OK if not better.
this weekend I went to San Francisco for a change of scenery, some inspiration, and a bit of birthday party fun.
it was definitely a change in scenery.
there were some types of inspiration.
and there was absolutely a lot of birthday fun
it wasn't really-exactly-precisely what i was looking for.
not better, not worse, just different.
while trying to post something(anything!) I got distracted and a few clicks here and a few clicks there I ended up somewhere totally new in blog-land
well turns out there is a interview with a photographer that has my dream job...
my favorite part was this:
12. Do you have any advice for starting photographers?
Look at everything. I think my advice to a young photographer is to really develop yourself as a person. To be a really great photographer, you have to have a point of view--something from yourself that will distinguish you from someone else. These days everyone is running around with the same camera, doing the same thing whereas in the past photographers had a greater range of cameras and films from which to develop their own vocabulary. So I think it doubly important now for a personal point of view, to have things that come from within. Also, I think for people interested in photography, the history of photography is so amazing. It's a wealth of material from which to learn.
I found the feeling I was looking for in San Francisco right here on my computer screen.
just like that. hmm.
finding interviews like this that are useful, honest, and coming from a master-pro are really priceless when you are a beginner.
check out the rest of the interview here, and see Ngoc Minh Ngo's work here