Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally reconnected!

well I am finally RECONNECTED!
a branch hit a tree which hit the power line which hit the phone line...
...and moral of the story we were without power, phones, and Internet for some time!
(apparently phone companies don't work on weekends?!!?! hmm.)
but we are back in action and I have been working away at a few projects,
(and to toot my own horn for a sec) I am on quite a roll with creating websites on this webs.com.
I used it to create my photography site, I helped Quincy build a site for his W.O.W. guild, I started a site for Stoney Oaks Farms Bath & Body products(more on the etsy switchover later) and most recently have been working on the

Its still got some deets to be filled in but its getting there and it just feel so much more professional to say "here is our OFFICIAL site..."

Its definitely that busy time of year for our foundation so it felt good to get this started. We are especially excited that we can take pre-orders for this years derby shirts as well as sell general merchandise on the site so easily. As more starts happening at the site I will update here as well.

And one last exciting bit: our first year we had 3 applicants for our scholarships, and last year we had 5 applicants for scholarships...

this year we are reviewing 31 scholarships!

God is GOOD.

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