Friday, March 27, 2009

such a GOOD friday!

because: today was "weigh and measure" myself day... which was scary but ended up in really good news: I've lost 17lbs and 14"!!!!!
Ha Ha Ha!!!! oh ya, mmm hm, ah huh, feels good!
esp. because summer is approaching and i have set a few goals for myself, one is that i am buying this bathing suit:
and I'd like to be able to wear it without wanting to crawl under a rock! (and no, the goal is definitely not to look like her!)
and the second is climbing this:
My friend Jesse and I made a pact around Christmas that we would climb it together (I had to find a new climbing partner when Quincy said there was "absolutely NO way he'd be climbing half dome"...ya, he's pretty terrified of heights so that was a long shot anyway!) but anyhoo, Jesse and I are going to be climbing it this summer which means I have been training by butt off (literally ;D) at the gym, working with the most wonderful trainer Wanda, and eating super healthy.
Around new years I put up a new "bulletin/inspiration board" in the office, Quincy and I both read that when making specific goals for yourself you are more likely to meet them then when you make generalized goals (save money, loose weight, work out, etc...), so we both shared what the goals were and but up some sort of visual that represented our goals. I have been looking at this bathing suit and half dome since January so there has been no excuse for falling off track!
I also got to sleep in, read the new Martha Stewart and Real Simple from cover to cover, finished ALL (yes all) the laundry, made a fresh jar of sun tea, and tonight I'm going out with my love so I have a real good reason to get all fancied up!
yup, its a GOOD FRIDAY!


Jenna said...

whoohoo! dang girl, way to go! i LOVE that suit. its sooooo you! when are you guys climbing that? you're crazy! but i totally agree, its motivating to have a goal. i'm gonna get a picture of some rock hard abs on my inspiro board to motivate me! arent' fridays a great way to start the weekend?

Ashley said...

Way to go! That bathing suit is super cute!

I need to get an inspiration board up asap!

bert7 said...

hells yeah woman! youre hot and you know it!