Tuesday, March 10, 2009

well you dont always find what you're looking for....

...but sometimes that's OK if not better.
this weekend I went to San Francisco for a change of scenery, some inspiration, and a bit of birthday party fun.
it was definitely a change in scenery.
there were some types of inspiration.
and there was absolutely a lot of birthday fun
it wasn't really-exactly-precisely what i was looking for.
not better, not worse, just different.
while trying to post something(anything!) I got distracted and a few clicks here and a few clicks there I ended up somewhere totally new in blog-land
well turns out there is a interview with a photographer that has my dream job...
my favorite part was this:
12. Do you have any advice for starting photographers?
Look at everything. I think my advice to a young photographer is to really develop yourself as a person. To be a really great photographer, you have to have a point of view--something from yourself that will distinguish you from someone else. These days everyone is running around with the same camera, doing the same thing whereas in the past photographers had a greater range of cameras and films from which to develop their own vocabulary. So I think it doubly important now for a personal point of view, to have things that come from within. Also, I think for people interested in photography, the history of photography is so amazing. It's a wealth of material from which to learn.
I found the feeling I was looking for in San Francisco right here on my computer screen.
just like that. hmm.
finding interviews like this that are useful, honest, and coming from a master-pro are really priceless when you are a beginner.
check out the rest of the interview here, and see Ngoc Minh Ngo's work here

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