Monday, April 27, 2009

Ive gone hybrid.

I know its old news by now but I'm just getting on board and I have to say:
hybrid scrap booking is AWESOME!
I'm simply in LOVE.
It all started with a small 4x6 book of a Fort Bragg trip:

I wanted to make my parents a little "thanks-for-takin-me-on-this-awesome-getaway" present so I simply threw my photos into MS word and added a few words and voila! Once I printed them out I added a few ribbons and beach embellishments and before I knew it the whole mini book was done.... and the best part? I went back and printed one for myself in just one click! ahh.

well it really opened up the door to a whole new scrap-world! I hoped over to designer digitals (which i read about all the time on Ali Edwards' blog) and found this pack of digi-paper

for only 25cents!!!!

I have always wished I could have an unlimited supply of kraft paper and now i kinda do!

oh man so much scrapin' is getting done its ridiculous and awesome all at once!

so, some pages kinda look like this:

and some pages have more "blank space" like this:

so after printing I just add embellishments, paint, stitching, etc. and the pages are getting done faster and faster. its crafty-bliss.

best part is: i have been doing this all in ms word. i know eventually when i have more time (after finals) i will go into photoshop and illustrator and start exploring more options and tools but for now this is just so easy.

oh, one more thing, aren't these digi-papers the sweetest thing?

check em out here, they are having a big sale so just go give hybrid scraping a test drive!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


....well I thought I would wash the car today but then as I'm mixing soap and water in a bucket I almost stepped on this:

I really don't like creepy,crawly, slithering, things... especially the poisonous variety!
And when I got all creeped out about the whole "if-there-is-a-baby-that-means-there-is-a-big-mamma-out-here-somewhere?"Quincy tried making me feel better by informing me the babies are worse than the big mambas since they don't know how to let go when they strike you. So, it was better we found and killed the BABY rattlesnake?
Hmm... why doesn't that make me feel any better?

I'm ready to live in the city... Ive lived in lil' O' Penn-tucky and dealt with these "rural inconveniences" long enough.

Monday, April 20, 2009

spring break is SO over...

It was lovely while it lasted... but now I'm buried in quadratic equations, world climates, Emily Bronte and persuasive speeches...
So lets reminisce about that fabulous week known as spring break:

Easter at my grandparent in So Cal looked kinda like this:
{the whole fam Easter Sunday}

{Quincy in a kids helmet... so much funnier in person!}
{Quincy on 2 wheels... no surprise right?}
{chillaxin with sis}

{the pool tournament... if Quincy & cal look a little sad its cause they just got schooled!}
{hot enough to go swimming and get a sunburn... you just have to love so cal}
{so that one doesn't fake the other out while jumping in}
And now a few things about spring break road trips:
1. you must stop at la plaza if you ever pass through the small town of Soledad, careful, if you blink you might miss it!
{everything they make is OUT OF THIS WORLD! and if you don't speak Spanish just pointing and saying "1 por favor" totally works. my fave was the horchata & the carnitas tacos, so good!}
2. always have mass quantities of Starbucks pumping through your system so you don't miss 3 out of the 5 off ramps you are supposed to take...oops!

3. designate your passenger as the road-trip-photographer so you don't miss/forget to snap a few pics of the journey scenery:

4. have a seriously good time and enjoy it while it lasts... because eventually that spring break road trip ends. :(

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

2 bits of "WoW news"

number 1: I just found out that Melina Hammer, (a photographer I know I have raved about here on this blog, been incredibly inspired by, and deeply admire) recently commented about a photograph of mine...

she said:
"this is lovely. quite simple, yet so effective."
my brain is still trying to wrap around the idea that she even looked at my photostream...
I tried breaking it down for Quincy because he was giving me the "are-you-serious-what-is-the-big-deal?" face, so I told him it was like if he were to record a song and post it on you tube or something casual and then P.O.D. or Number One Gun comments that they thought his song was pretty rad....
he got the big picture then.
man that really felt good, something about being validated as an artist is simply the best.
thank you Melina.

Number 2:
I have applied and been accepted into the National Association of Professional Women. N.A.P.W. is basically a platform for networking with other women in your industry. They also highlight and profile peeps in their profession to help career development. Its not a life-altering-big-break-through but its a step and again it feels like a nice bit of validation.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


AH hA Ha ha!!!
Sweet victory!
I have finally created a successful
I have been trying to figure out how to make one of those
for SO long. I knew it was just a matter of figuring out what they were called but I couldn't find their official title for the life of me!... I know this sounds just so pathetic because you would think google could figure it out for you in about 1.2 seconds right?...
any-hoo, I've put one up on my sidebar and I'm wondering if anyone out there would be willing to add it to their: blog, myspace, facebook, website, ect.? or wants to trade side-bar space?
if so, just email me or comment here on the ol' blog.
April is already starting out to be a good month!