Wednesday, April 08, 2009

2 bits of "WoW news"

number 1: I just found out that Melina Hammer, (a photographer I know I have raved about here on this blog, been incredibly inspired by, and deeply admire) recently commented about a photograph of mine...

she said:
"this is lovely. quite simple, yet so effective."
my brain is still trying to wrap around the idea that she even looked at my photostream...
I tried breaking it down for Quincy because he was giving me the "are-you-serious-what-is-the-big-deal?" face, so I told him it was like if he were to record a song and post it on you tube or something casual and then P.O.D. or Number One Gun comments that they thought his song was pretty rad....
he got the big picture then.
man that really felt good, something about being validated as an artist is simply the best.
thank you Melina.

Number 2:
I have applied and been accepted into the National Association of Professional Women. N.A.P.W. is basically a platform for networking with other women in your industry. They also highlight and profile peeps in their profession to help career development. Its not a life-altering-big-break-through but its a step and again it feels like a nice bit of validation.


Jenna said...

whoohoo! that's awesome kate! you rock!

Anonymous said...

Keep going Kate. You are working at it slow and steady. That's the way you win the race. You have to know in your heart that you are great at what you do, but it's nice when someone else see's it too. But, I'm just the mom. I love you, Mom