Monday, April 27, 2009

Ive gone hybrid.

I know its old news by now but I'm just getting on board and I have to say:
hybrid scrap booking is AWESOME!
I'm simply in LOVE.
It all started with a small 4x6 book of a Fort Bragg trip:

I wanted to make my parents a little "thanks-for-takin-me-on-this-awesome-getaway" present so I simply threw my photos into MS word and added a few words and voila! Once I printed them out I added a few ribbons and beach embellishments and before I knew it the whole mini book was done.... and the best part? I went back and printed one for myself in just one click! ahh.

well it really opened up the door to a whole new scrap-world! I hoped over to designer digitals (which i read about all the time on Ali Edwards' blog) and found this pack of digi-paper

for only 25cents!!!!

I have always wished I could have an unlimited supply of kraft paper and now i kinda do!

oh man so much scrapin' is getting done its ridiculous and awesome all at once!

so, some pages kinda look like this:

and some pages have more "blank space" like this:

so after printing I just add embellishments, paint, stitching, etc. and the pages are getting done faster and faster. its crafty-bliss.

best part is: i have been doing this all in ms word. i know eventually when i have more time (after finals) i will go into photoshop and illustrator and start exploring more options and tools but for now this is just so easy.

oh, one more thing, aren't these digi-papers the sweetest thing?

check em out here, they are having a big sale so just go give hybrid scraping a test drive!


Alyssa Marie said...

Wait a minute...I'm confused. How did you get the background on MS Word? And do you use those digi-papers as the background? Can you re-use them over and over? I guess I'm new to all of this! But it seems so much fun! I honestly haven't scrapped in forever. I have a few paintings up my sleeve as well as a couple sewing projects, but they all have to wait until finals are over!!!

Kate said...

I just droped them in and used the "format picture" option to make them go behind my text. And yes, when you buy the papers you just download them onto your computer as jpegs and use them as many times as you want! there are quite a few tutorials on designer digitals but I think the best way to figure it out is to play with it and see what works best for you.
Also, I think we should have an online crafting party when we are all done with the semester!;D

Alyssa Marie said...

Online crafting party!? I'm all in! But how in the he** do we do that?!